The Seattle Pinball League is an all-ages group of pinball players in the greater Seattle area who meet (nearly) monthly on Saturdays for daytime pinball events at the homes of various pinball collectors and players in the area.

Each event has its own self-contained handicapped tournament with cash payouts to the top 4.  Additionally, the performance of all players in each event is recorded and tracked to determine overall handicapped player rankings for each year-long season. At the end of the year/season, the top ranked players compete in a tournament of champions to determine the positions of all players and the overall winner of the league for that season.  Season rankings are determined based on performance at 8-out-of-9 events (dropping the lowest-ranked event, or one event that was missed).

SSPL tournaments will no longer be submitted for World Pinball Player Ranking (WPPR)/IFPA points.

The handicapping system makes the league accessible and fun for players of all skill levels. Handicaps are assigned to each player as a value between 1 (lowest ranked) to 5 (highest ranked). An unranked player starts with a handicap of 3, but that gets adjusted immediately after the first event. A player's handicap will raise or lower based on performance in the previous five events they participated in (including prior seasons). Players are grouped together against other players with similar handicaps.

Membership for the season is $40. Each event is then $10.  Guests may attend events without a membership, and the cost for guests to participate is $20 per event.

Please note the new email address for all SPL contact and questions: spl@splpinball.com.  If you are not yet on the mailing list, please send an email with your name and a request to be added.

The 2024 Season is as follows:

February 10, 2024: Olsen’s Home in Seattle

March 23, 2024: McClintocks’ Home in Monroe

April 13, 2024: Terry’s Home in Kent

May 18, 2024: Chesborough’s Home in Kenmore

June 2024: NO SPL EVENT (NWPAS in Tacoma!)

July 13, 2024: Kotchon’s Home in Hillman City

August 10, 2024: Donaldson’s Home in Marysville

September 21, 2024: NW Pinball Collective’s Sanctuary in Seattle

October 12, 2024: Shere’s Home in Shoreline

November 9, 2024: Edes’ Home in Milton

December 7, 2024: Finals Venue TBD

Current Season Rankings can be seen here: http://www.splpinball.com/results/2024standings.html

More Information

Since events are held in private homes, announcement of events (including location address and time) is only done through the SPL Members Email List, to members and guests who have played at least once recently. Public announcements will be made to Social Media only once per year, prior to the start of the season. For additional details, you must be on the SPL Members Email List.

Please note that while every attempt will be made to maintain the announced schedule, circumstances beyond our control could force changes. If any changes do occur, they will be listed here and emailed to the SPL Members Email List.

See the Information page for more details.

To contact SPL or to get information about upcoming events or to join as a member mid-season, send an email to spl@splpinball.com.